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Commercial Concrete Walkways & Sidewalks

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Commercial Concrete Walkways

Curved Concrete Walkway to Back Door

Commercial Concrete Sidewalks

Second only to the main storefront signage, nothing influences a first impression quite like the state of the commercial walkways leading up to your main entrance. And since 1989, businesses have entrusted our team with the design, and installation of one of their greatest outdoor advertising assets.

Today, Sam the Concrete Man Indianapolis, Indiana is bringing local communities the same level of customer care, integrity, and quality craftsmanship that drove our national brand expansion these past 30 years.

We currently offer a wide range of commercial walkway designs and services.

Commercial Concrete Walkway & Sidewalk Styles

Standard Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Pressed Concrete

Colored Concrete

Stained Concrete

Custom Designed Concrete

Designing a welcoming business walkway/sidewalk is crucial for driving sales and winning foot traffic from the competition. There are plenty of materials you can choose from, but concrete walkways are becoming increasingly popular in Indianapolis, Indiana shopping districts.

Not only does it provide a safe and durable surface for your customers and employees to walk on, but it can also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. That might be because concrete entryways offer so many benefits beyond their signature strength and functionality.

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The difference between cement and concrete is minor yet huge, like the difference between lightning and lightning-bug.